A clear sea, with colors that fade from emerald green to deep blue, awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union, along with the locations of the coast for the quality of water and services, continuously bathes the coast of Val di Cornia.
From Donoratico in Piombino, are that of the other beautiful coastal towns like San Vincenzo and Populonia.
White sand beaches such as San Vincenzo and Baratti, alternate with cliffs carved by wind where depths are deep and full of fish.
The Student's Hostel Gowett is a comfortable place to stay at a low cost, while also visiting the beautiful coast resorts of Val di Cornia, all within a few kilometers away.


Porto San Vincenzo from Web Cam - Updated every 5 minutes It's a crystal clear sea that washes St. Vincent, which edged by thick pine forests and lush Mediterranean vegetation.
Just 10 minutes away, the beautiful beach of fine golden sand, stretches for miles and is home to bathhouses. It is alternated with long stretches of beach equipped with Blue Points, where you can take advantage of assistance. The ancient and important port for trade, is today, the tourist port of San Vincenzo, spacious and equipped, is able to accommodate hundreds of docks.
The air is clear and a light breeze promotes the practice of many water sports.

Twenty minutes from the hostel, the Gulf of Baratti, the Buca delle Fate, Long Beach and those of Cala Moresca, Perelli and Torre Mozza, are just some of the features of this coast, famous for their pristine beauty and charm that distinguishes them.
Sandy beaches and rocky coves continue for more than 30 km, surrounded by dense and fragrant vegetation. The backdrops are rich in flora and fauna are very beautiful, draw fans from around the world. Here there are practicable water sports, thanks to the sailing, surfing diving schools, which are present.
It is possible to rent boats, book boat trips or the water-taxi, even at night. Baratti is also an equipped port and an important stop for boaters and those who travel in the islands.
In the beautiful Gulf of Salivoli, overlooks a brand new marina, ideal shelter for all types of boats. An active center of marine biology organizes interesting events and hosts a Mediterranean Aquarium.

Less than half an hour from the hostel, with its 32 km of coastline beaches, both sandy and rocky, with the mild climate, Piombino provides a sea to be discovered for those looking for the uncrowded beach, or perhaps with all the family, looking for a little relaxation, or for those who like to venture into the many creeks that enrich the coast.
Piombino and its beaches, are all different among themselves: sand, stones, rocks, framed landscapes varied; some in direct contact with the modern architecture of the city, such as the beach of Salivoli; some contrast with traces of ancient buildings, such as that of Piazza Bovio; some at the foot of the slopes of Mediterranean vegetation, such as via Amendola, Porto Louse, Calamoresca and Long Beach.

Included in the archipelago and sometimes visible from the coast on clear days, besides the island of Elba, is the islets of Cerboli, which is 4 miles from Piombino. Completely uninhabited is the Palmaiola, not far behind, emerges as a triangular cliff. The islands of the Tuscan Archipelago are ideal destinations for day trips. The Island of Elba is easily reached from the port of Piombino, with about an hour's journey in modern ferries which make a large number of trips a day especially during the summer.