Explore a territory along the paths that connect the historical villages of the Val di Cornia with major archaeological and natural attractions. Cycling or walking ( bike and trekking ) along a landscape that man has shaped over the centuries, digging the hills rich in metals and marbles, developing impressive metallurgical processes, cultivating the fertile land of the plain and coming to contend with difficulty, with the impressive works of land reclamation, the land to the sea. The Gowett Hostel with its strategic location in the Park of San Silvestro, is a crossroads of paths that branch throughout the country, and offers the opportunity to stay at the center of an authentic land, wild and beautiful, full of charm and history, to discover the details that can be appreciated only by taking "to a crawl."

In the illustrations on the side you will find some of the possible routes, but in particular, for those staying at the hostel, you can easily visit the following locations:

1. from Sassetta Campiglia Marittima
A "classic" path, used in the past by lumberjacks and miners, Sassetta to reach Campiglia. It's one of those ways the people by the sea reached these mountains of Maremma. Itinerary without difficulty the drop is a certain commitment.

2. Campiglia Marittima the Archaeological Park of San Silvestro
The route starts from the center of the historic village and across the path of Mine Sharpener leading up to the Park. On foot or with a mountain bike, you would have to make a turn to avoid a large private property, however, much of the route winds through the Archaeological Park of San Silvestro; Presents a significant height difference in the path that leads to the Rocca di San Silvestro but hostel guests can easily reach the Palazzo Gowett for immediate refreshment.

3. Sassetta from the Archaeological Park of San Silvestro through San Carlo
A path that crosses the ridge of the hills of Sassetta and the falls, with some difficulty in the valley of Rozze. Some sections of the trail coincides with the stream: the unavoidable is getting your feet wet. It arrives in the "mining" village of St. Charles and follow the beautiful path of Arbutus to the Rock of San Silvestro. It enters into the territories of the Archaeological Park of San Silvestro. It is best to avoid the path during the hunting season of wild boars !!

4. from the Park of San Silvestro to the Gulf of Baratti through the coastal park Rimigliano
The path is vast, but it is completely devoid of difficulty: from the Student's Hostel Gowett you climb up to the fortress of San Silvestro for then falling sharply in the mining valley of Manienti. From buildings dell'Etruscan Mines to the park Rimigliano driving along paved roads secondary. It bypasses the Aurelia. Beautiful paths through the Rimigliano woods: you can also walk along the beach to the cape that closes the semicircle of the Gulf of Baratti.

Hostel guests also have the freedom to the trails inside of paths of the San Silvestro park without the payment of the ticket that normally must be paid (should have).

For more information, please contact the staff of the Student's Hostel or consult the official guide, our source, published by Nardini Editore and Parks Val Di Cornia Travel in Maremma-Routes between the parks of Val di Cornia Andrea Semplici.